EUPHORIA Trailer (2019) Zendaya, Teen Series

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EUPHORIA Trailer (2019) Zendaya, Teen Series
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  1. As a high schooler, highschool is nothing like this. Just study and music and doing what you want. Sometimes chatting with friends. That's it.

  2. Am I the only one who had similar high school-hood to the one presented in the series? I had girlfriends, boyfriends, went to parties, was surrounded by drunks, drugs and dealers and so on. I think I turned out pretty decent though

  3. the blonde girls reminds me of the spanish girl they got for SKAM Spain, she is cute… i dont have the series on my playlist, i think i did, maybe i thought it's foolish teen movie but idk looking into this trailer which is more extended than others i feel like i wanna watch it..idkkkk


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