Call of Duty WARZONE: The New EVENT LEAKS… (Season 4 Event Further Explained)

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Comment (21)

  1. Could the servers' capacity really be rated for say "300 players per match", whatever bandwidth or mgbs that equates to. So they're running them at half speed seeing how the servers do with the 150 player size, knowing they want to increase it to 200? May explain the poor quality? Or does that not make any sense at all

  2. No no no no! No 200 players! With the first zone already shown at drop and half the time those zones are 1/2 or more out of bounds, it will concentrate players so much that surviving the drop will be very difficult. I don’t want every drop to feel like Superstore.

  3. I've had this thought for a while and its been rekindled since all the train tracks were added. I wish they'd make a mode like King of the Hill Warzone. There's a train constantly circling the map, and the train acts as a "headquarters". Players spawn off the train and have to fight over controlling it. If a player dies, they respawn off the train and have to catch/intercept it.


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