TEACHER Official Trailer (2019) David Dastmalchian, Drama Movie HD

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TEACHER Official Trailer (2019) David Dastmalchian, Drama Movie HD

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A high school English teacher goes to disturbing lengths to protect his favorite students from bullies..

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Comment (23)

  1. La excusa del matón,dar pena. No hay excusa que valga para hacer lo que hacen. Merecen pagar y caro el dolor que crean a los débiles.

  2. Durísima película. Lo que no entiendo como nadie del instituto hace nada. Son todos culpables y tienen suerte de que nadie les haga pagar con la misma moneda. Deberían estar todos muertos por abusones.

  3. This one time in Elementary School, we were standing line. The kid behind me pushed me and I fell on the kid in front of me. The Teacher had all three of us suspended even the kid who was minding his own business Lmao.

  4. Tim does bully because he is bullied, nice story …but what I dislike is teacher is willing to go so far but not as far as to involved in students personal lives. By the way, NICE MOVIE


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