"I would have HIT him properly" — Louis Saha on Martial-Lamela incident | Astro SuperSport

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Comment (19)

  1. This is a disgrace football is not supposed to be a game of diving and shoving your arms to player's throat how is erik lamela not sent off for that gesture, he could have hurt martial the referee is a disgrace like whats the point of video assistant referee when you don't use it its either you sent both players off or a yellow for both

  2. Rooney, RVP and Ibrahimovic had elbow attacked the opponent countless times and never even got a yellow card. What's your say on this Louis Saha?

  3. They freeze it there showing contact to neck, but don't show context that his forearm started on Martial's chest, Martial slapped at Lamela's arm to push him off and that made Lamela's arm go upwards…the initial push attempt by Lamela was nothing more than standard set piece jockeying with the forearm…of course Lamela is a total fool for reacting the way he did, but that's a different issue.

  4. I m surprised professional footballer doesn't know about the dark arts of football. Martial is to blame and deserves it. I am a MUFC fan …

  5. We have had Ashley Young diving like a pussy for a decade. So yeah what Lamela did is not sportmanship, but the decision by the officials is what to be blamed here.
    If they consistently punished these kind of acts, of course players will reduce. But no, the Epl referees cannot be without controversies for a week.

  6. The United team should go watch 'all or nothing' about spurs and mourhino. If they did. They would e know these antics were coming. JOSE WANTED a team of Cunts. Not a team of nice guys.


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