The String Cheese Incident & SunSquabi — "Top Down"

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«Top Down» is here — a brand new collaboration between The String Cheese Incident and electro jam/funk masters SunSquabi! SCI’s Kyle, Kang, and Jason linked up with the Denver-based SunSquabi crew over a period of several months, passing ideas and riffs back and forth, which eventually resulted in «Top Down.» describes the collaboration as «an irresistible new groove that effortlessly fuses Squabi’s native synth and percussion work with the signature organ arrangements and freestyle tendencies of String Cheese to create a jam for the ages.» Check out the track now, streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and more! 


Animation by Josh Clark:

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  1. Fur in Clothing in Denver? Kitty masks? Buying Victoria Secrets surplus bottoms as high style Covid protection. When is SCI ever coming back to Columbus? Rocking good time!!! Great stuff boys hope to see you again soon!

  2. Spotify sent this hours ago liked to played later. Love it more modern than this 72yrs cheesed but this could make you all famous. Sending out on twitter to my pals. Come over here to the UK Covid 19 will not be here for ever.


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