COLD BLOOD Official Trailer (2019) Jean Reno, Thriller Movie HD

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COLD BLOOD Official Trailer (2019) Jean Reno, Thriller Movie HD
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Comment (29)

  1. I like Jean Reno but what was he thinking? The premise of the film is ok but the script and execution of the film is sooooo bad. There are not enough negative words in the English language to describe how bad this is.

  2. Most of the guys thinks when it comes to an action movie with Jean Reno it's only for the boys…. wrong …..Nobody knows how he also turn the ladies on his voice and his style of acting …he's damn good with that gun too…LOL …..did anybody knows he also produces and directs his own movies besides acts in them too…..Big-fan over here…

  3. Since John Wick started making it big a lot of Hitman movies started popping up trying to cash in on the trend. I hope it doesn’t devolve into an unholy mess….

  4. Back in assisian movie since the professional and ronin Godzilla 22 bullets armoured and other great films he starred in Jean Reno great actor for films

  5. Godzilla I m from turkey 2000 years my mother shop SONY DVD PLAYER. Godzilla Watch. Jean Reno Jennifer.lopez good. I m 26 years old %40 stress life


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