Full Xbox Series X & Series S June 2020 Event Revealed | Hardware Reveal for Lockhart Console Stream

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E3 2020 is a veritable Christmas extravaganza of Gaming News, reveals and showcases and this year, the world is very different, during the high point of excitement, shrouded industry secrecy for new games, new IPs and brand new groundbreaking Consoles in the Xbox Series X and PS5. Both Sony and Microsoft plan to deliver a showing of what Next Generation has to offer, and it all starts early this June.
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  1. The Series S (Lockhart) is a great idea by Microsoft to steal the casual/kid market. Millions of kids playing Xbox in their bedrooms on their 1080P TVs playing Minecraft, Fortnite, and other battle royal games.

    As a parent, which are you going to buy this holiday season for your kid? Let's say that its $300, this coupled with a year of gamepass gets their kids the new system and over a hundred games for cheaper than any other option on the market for that value. You will not have to buy another Xbox game until the following year's holiday season.


    5 year old Mario games are still $60!

    Xbox X and series X have really been touting more power this whole time for us hardcore fans that want the best and will pay anything. Really, it was a smokescreen and put the Series S in stealth mode to change the gaming landscape.

    Dang, if it came with 3 months of xbox live ultimate, parents may buy 2 if they have multiple kids. Still cheaper than a Series X and PS5.

  2. Only serious gamers would care about the technology part I honestly don’t care my Xbox one x works just fine if it ain’t broke don’t fix it it’s no point spending that much on a new Xbox or PlayStation just for better picture quality speed and sound

  3. When you make the xbox two $ i wamt you to make alll the button on the console diffrent colors from green red blue and orange 🙂 lol make the eject blue and the power buttun green and the controller pair the orange one and make the bluetooth button the red one lol 🙂 and make the controller all white with the same colors as i shown haha pls xbox

  4. This Series S actually doesn’t seem like a bad choice to save money. Has a decent amount of a boost in performance from current gens and with the guessing amount being around $300 doesn’t seem bad to me; especially with 60-120 FPS at 1080p and still having ray tracing. Definitely not the greatest, but at that price I don’t think I wanna try to debate on it to be better.

  5. Wtf is that box??? Swisscom in Switzerland have the same box for the internet router's wtf Microsoft??? Please bey bey Xbox welcome PS5


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