Will we see Battlefield 6 at EA Play 2020 delayed event? (June 18th)

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Rumours are suggesting we will see Battlefield 6, the next Battlefield game, at EA Play Live 2020, which has just been delayed to June 18th — is there any truth to this? Battlefield 6 news, rumours and information are circling at the moment. Battlefield 2021 is set to launch in late 2021, possibly October or November. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!

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This channel is all about FPS gameplay, sniping, tips & tricks and guides! At the moment I’m really enjoying playing Call of Duty Warzone whilst we wait for Battlefield 6 gameplay, details and information. I mainly do Battlefield 5 gameplay and Battlefield sniping on all the different games: Battlefield 5, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3. I often play solos, duos and squads. I have 1000 hours experience in every Battlefield and I hope to play more FPS games in 2020. I hope you enjoy my sniper gameplay and Warzone gameplay as much as I do making it.

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  1. It better not be a remaster cause I'm getting sick of them at this point either make a new game or close your doors, cause it's getting annoying at this point

  2. I think you're completely wrong. EA does not care about "feelings." They care about their profit margin. BF5 was a disaster. With the 2nd wave of this pandemic on the horizon, it would make sense to release a game while everybody is quarantined. I am expecting another BF. I am also expecting another unfinished, rushed, disaster.

  3. DICE needs to be classy about the reveal, or any teasers. I think the most and only BF related part about EA Play should just be an open apology and some peppy PR talk about the future and how DICE is going to make it right.

  4. Remaster BF3/4 for next-gen consoles while completely BF6 for Q4 2021 launch would be the smart business move. *

    *Only if the Remaster works flawlessly.

  5. I'm sure a lot of people will hate on this but it must be said.

    As someone who trains with firearms frequently in real life, Call of Duty really nailed how to make the guns feel realistic. They employed firearm instructors and consultants and it showed. Not only do different guns feel like they are weight appropriate to their real-life models, but the attachments also make the weights vary realistically. Not everything is done accurately. An example would be electing to run the No Stock attachment and ADS while firing a select-fire gun would not yield an accurate result but it is a viable option in the game. However, for the most part it works.

    Looking back at some of this footage makes me realize how plasticy and fake the guns feel when running, reloading and ADS. I really hope that Battlefield 6 takes a page out of Modern Warfare's playbook to immerse gamers further. Battlefield IS our favorite franchise and we hope to see a comeback next year if not sooner!

  6. I never bought BF5 i was told not to cause i was "sexist", so! instead i bought their competitors as many millions did. Battlefield is lucky if they have 2-thousand people playing, where'as other games have many tens of millions playing

  7. I hope bf6 focuses more on mp than br with cod, apex, fn & pub g having that on lock I wouldn't mind leaving br off all together, change the way mp is played next gen 50v50 or dare I say 64v64, more vehicles, more destruction, find your identity & be bf again

  8. I miss BF3 and BF4 more than anything, I quit playing CoD when BF:BC2 came out, but CoD has done so well with MW, I have my hands wrapped up in that right now, so I would be okay if EA waited until 2021. Gives me a sense of "I can't wait", and maybe will give them more time to work on it.
    Much love, Westie.
    Also, I started making videos, if you have any tips, please let me know. You and Jack are my inspirations. 🙂

  9. Also I hate the idea of calling the next title bf6. They need to move away from the numbers for now and call it something completely new and keep with the era.

  10. Really baffles me why they don't just do bad company 3. The fans want it everyone wants it but they just won't. I know loads of players who still play bf3 and loved bc 2 and haven't moved on from bf 3. They including myself who's played the life out of every bf title going as far back as modern combat 2 on playstation 2 using a network adapter. Please dice just give us bc3. Even if they remaster bc2 or bf3 I'd be very happy and I'm sure the majority would. Does any of you content creators know why they are just totally skirting round the idea of doing another bad company ? You actually gonna reply Westie?


  12. They wouldn't have wrapped up both BF5 and Battlefront 2 in terms of content if they weren't at a stage on BF6's production cycle in which they were confident to provide at least some information. Typically a game's production cycle will start well within the time-frame of an active game's content support; and at times, even before the previous game is released. For all we know, they've been working on the game since 2018, more likely mid 2019.
    But knowing EA, they'll either present a half-finished product (which can have life breathed into it by the end of its cycle, like the previously mentioned games) or they'll show nothing at all, just as you said.

  13. If we are lucky nov 2021 from what I have seen it's been pushed once or twice now that's time to buff alot as bf5 failed bad bf1 has everything over that game just not ray tracing like bf5 shame

  14. Imagine if they gave us a D-Day map and it's Americans,British,and Canadians VS Germans and there are also AI soldiers and dead bodies to make it immersive


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