Some Major New Releases from the Fallout: New Vegas Remake Mod for Fallout 4

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Today we take a look at some of the exciting new mod releases for Fallout 4. We see some major releases from both the Fallout 3 remake mod and the Fallout: New Vegas remake mod, but also a major new DLC-sized mod release for Fallout 4.


The Mods:

NCR Veteran Ranger — F4NV:
PC —

BCR Patches:
PC —

The Bleachers — A Diamond City Story:
PC —

Institute Centaurs:
PC —
Xbox One —

Minigun Retextured:
PC —
Xbox One —

Nexus PC —
ModernFirearms PC —
Xbox One —

Author — Toasty Fresh

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Comment (44)

  1. skipped through it to find there was no in depth mention of whats going on with the fallout 4 new vegas mod remaster, i guess the game was rigged from the start huh

  2. 2:37 is that the holorifle? My favorite. I have killed thousands of deathclaws with this weapon. That weapon with all the mods and the max charged microfusion cells, nobody could stop you.

  3. I hate this community
    Alot of people who are big fans of New vegas make fun of or even hate fallout 3 and fallout 4 yet they are the ones who bring fallout new vegas into fallout 4
    My advice is just play new vegas

  4. I like how they can't simulate how shitty a Mosin is irl so they just decided make the player reload it like a snail to make up for it

  5. Just a clarification, the Institute Centaurs are based on Fallout 4's concept art, not Fallout 3's. Yeah, kit's a nitpick, but i'm just geeking out lol

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