PS5 Games Event CONFIRMED: What Can We Expect? (Exclusives, Third Party, Console Design, Etc.)

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It’s time! Sony has confirmed the rumored PlayStation 5 games event! June 4th we’ll be getting over an hour of trailers and gameplay showcasing all the upcoming PS5 games we can expect. Not only that, but SIE President & CEO Jim Ryan has given us a number of interesting quotes about the platforms price, transition from PS4, and what we can expect at this event. And that will be what we go over today, what can we reasonably expect? From Sony’s first party PlayStation Studios, to second party, third party, console design, and UI — we breakdown what has a good chance of showing up next week. And shout out to Sony for the excellent timing on this, three hours after the LTPS upload! Love you guys.

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Comment (42)

  1. I feel like nothing new is coming… seems like nothing amazing will come at launch which is so great for a console speculated for £500

  2. Exclusive games already announced for next gen:
    Xbox series X:
    Halo infinite
    Hellblade 2
    Project mara
    The medium
    Gears táctics
    Flight simulator
    Call of the sea
    Age of Empire 4
    The ascent
    Second extintion
    Quantum error (time exclusive)

    Come on PS, give something to Your fans already.

  3. Lol just hope the ps5 has a proper cooling system,getting fed up of my ps4 pro 7200 series sounding like a jetfighter taking off,when playing 4k games,SONY really need to stop just using a fan to cool the console,and go with either vapour cooling or water cooling.

  4. F Sony in their A.. Gaming should not be entering the world of politics. I game to have fun and take my mind off the problems that the left wing mob and left wing fake news media are pushing on the world. I’ve spent thousands of my dollars supporting Sony through the last decade or so but now that will change. I can’t support a company that stands with a domestic terrorist organization like black lives matter and others that are rioting and looting. Sony you have become part of the problem.

  5. Hey totally off topic. But I hade a great idea for a video. Best TV’s for PS5 .. bang for buck.. he’ll maybe a projection would be awesome

  6. Well that was fast events. I'm not mad or sad by Sony postponing June event. I don't mind waiting because. The nextgen console hasn't given me a real reason to get a new system. Saving my money to pay off Bill's and buy food is more important. Yes, I do plan on getting the console, but life issues are more important.

  7. Not likely but I'd like Sony to take a page out of square's book from e3 last year. Just as square shocked everyone by announcing Ff8 remastered to come out in September. I'd love Sony to do something similar with legend of dragoon and make it a day one launch.

  8. I saw Mark Cerny's talk the other day and it was riveting, I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the reveal of games. I've already decided to buy both consoles but PS5 has really been well thought out. I'd say that the PS5 will be much easier for game developers to create for the PS console, and they might have an easier time than the developers for the X series.


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