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EASY MODS in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep! Fastest Way To Earn Armor 2.0 Mods! Best Mods, Armour 2.0, Mods Farm, Armor 2.0 Mods, How To Get, Mods 2.0 & More!

Enhanced Mods:



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Comment (31)

  1. Me: oh this will make it so much faster. (Invests 200 legendary shards)
    (Invests 1330 simulation seeds into brother Vance)
    (Only gets unflinching hand cannon aim)

    That’s just my luck

  2. Hello , reaping4ever here PS4 user for anyone who needs help in game ; new subscriber here thanks for the tip , I’m always looking for tips to better my gaming

  3. I got traction mod from doing this cheese. Bought the seeds from spider with shards then straight to brother vance.

    I feel like im cheating and waiting to be banned.

  4. In my Case Brother Vance was more like a Bitch to me, he gave me only 3 Mods in 20 Pacs…
    Got more lucky with the guy on European Death Zone

  5. Hey just an FYI: I spend 7000 shards on simulation seeds and did this to test if it works for enhancement cores still and it does but is not nearly as effective as before shadow keep. 100 enhancement cores and I only got about 4000 shards back so keep that in mind the return is not amazing.

  6. There’s a bunch of general mods which I do not know how to get.

    Precision weapon targeting
    Scatter projectile targeting
    Light arms loader
    Rifle loader
    Large weapon loader
    Unflinching light arms loader
    Unflinching rifle aim
    Unflinching large arms
    Light arms dexterity
    Rifle dexterity
    Oversize weapon dexterity
    None of them seem to drop from any vendors and under collections it says earned while leveling. Has anyone else managed to get any of these ones? And if so, how?

  7. Where the hell is traction?!?!?! I've had a new high stat roll of stompee5 for weeks but use my old ones because I can't drop traction. I can't use them without it lol.

    Edit: ok, seems like this is the farm for me if you got it from Brother Vance. Thanks man!!!


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