Ghostwire: Tokyo FULL PS5 Showcase | Sony PS5 Reveal Event

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Checkout the latest look at Ghostwire: Tokyo presented during the Sony PS5 Reveal Event.

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  1. I was expecting it to be a action game, just not like this. Eh, it's a new idea and way too early for final judgement so I'll keep an open mind.

  2. The first few shots of the city, I was hoping that you'd traverse it like Mirror's Edge, but this is still cool.
    Also, does this visual direction remind anyone else of Observer by Bloober Team?

  3. Honestly, as much as I like the creative director, I prefer this version over hers.
    I mean, you are fighting Yokai monsters with fantasy powers in modern, urban Tokyo.
    I don't care if it's not the same as the previous trailer, sign me up for this.

  4. I guess they had to notch down the graphics after the lead developer left. This game looked so promising too. If only that had more time, they could get what they were actually aiming for

  5. This is that same game that had that beautiful hauntingly scary trailer right?
    It’s like they completely revamp the game because they saw cyber punk


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