PS5 Event Reveal — Angry Impressions!

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*UPDATE — COPYRIGHT CLAIM had to mute some of that SONY AUDIO, you can watch our full unmuted reactions HERE:
Our Initial Impressions of the PS5 Reveal & Event up front, then our live reactions to all the games presented! Check it out!

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Comment (29)

  1. Looks nice.
    Still not getting it.
    Xbox series X is my choice, and before you all start sharpening your pitchforks, I dont have any friends on playstation so obviously I am buying xbox.

  2. I don’t get it clearly Sony is paying Joe money this console is a very ugly piece of work.
    It literally looks like a Netgear modem from the 2010s.
    I am sure the games will be great and great first party support but also what’s with praising the digital version when XBOX hinted a digital version everyone including Joe hated in it, Now for some reason it’s a epic idea it just seems to me there is no consistency here other then the clear one eyed reactions

  3. nah you put it in your room. then someone walks in and says "hey do you have little kids"
    but i get it. not everyone can use a keyboard to plays. installing stuff just COMPLICATED !

  4. Why did you title this “Angry” you definitely weren’t, just fanboying over the console. Not a ps hater but I’m definitely not wasting my money on a WiFi router.

  5. -Soniers blamed xbox for being big compared to ps4, now they like the fact that this is the most gigantic console ever
    -Soniers hated the xbox because it was less powerful, when it wasn't really less powerful, now they don't care about power because ps5 is less powerful compared to xbox sx
    -Soniers destroyed xbox exclusives, because they were ''trash'', fans loves death stranding and the last of us two, only real fans of playstation didn't like those games, and knew they were swindled
    -Soniers thought that Mile morales was a complete game. Sike
    -Soniers do not have more than two games that are really exclusive this year. and one of them is trash.
    -Soniers did rage when PS exclusives like horizon zero down were announced in pc. LOL
    -Soniers still have no problem with the design of the PS5, wich is a rip off of the MEK 1, a PC case. Even Zotac talked about this, the company that created mek 1.
    -Soniers still can't understand that they are having a shitshow worse or bad as the xbox one presentation.
    Well. Pathetic

  6. Love the PS5 design, it says high-tech and comes over like a piece of art. Will definitely go for the 4K Blu-ray version though because
    a) I still have a lot of Blu-rays and b) Playstation Network is pretty unreliable and slow — hope they fix that.

    First buy will be PS5 on launch, second Xbox somewhere in 2021. Microsoft tend to not have much in terms of exclusives, so it can
    likely wait till February, March or so.

  7. I think these next gen consols are going to badly hurt the Computer sales, will cost 3X more to build a PC will the hardware specs of Ps5. Even if ps5 is $700, it would still cost double that to buy a RX 2070 gpu thats likly close to the power of the Ps5 and xbSX. PC gaming is way to expensive and no one i know has a top end gaming PC, not even my $1800 Rig thats now 2 years old can compete with next gen consols.

  8. "Sony"…. will have our consol design ready soon great things take time/….."Microsoft"…. grab a cardboard box out of the garage son so we can stick all these parts into it we need to beat Sony at making a consol.

  9. I have hated the controllers since ps4 era…and an all digital version is fucking dumb; you can get digital stuff on the normal version anyways, so why deny yourself a disc drive for movies and real games? lol IT might not failr hard, but its gonna be funny how much I called after a few months of next gens blowbacks. >,;,<


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