Let's Watch Sony's PlayStation 5 Event! (GameXplain Reacts)

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Join the GameXplain crew as we watch Sony’s PlayStation 5 Event! What games will be shown? Who knows!


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  1. Hey look Xbox, gameplay and more gameplay and oh more gameplay look yet more gameplay and how about some more gameplay? lol

  2. Shout out to sony they show up and did there thang!!! 100% honestly tho when that footage of rachet and clank and horizon forbidden west was shown i said to myself I'm getting a PS5 i never owned a PlayStation I've always gamed on other systems but when i did game on Sony's systems it was either my brothers or a friends system this will be my first PlayStation purchase.

  3. Demon’s Souls was one of my first platinums and I can’t wait to see what they’re doing with this remake. I highly recommend playing this guys. I thoroughly enjoyed your review.

  4. U guys fucking suck, how u go say Microsoft is in trouble when they were the first ones to mention having 2 consoles and been leading the next gen conversation and the july show will have all their exclusives. U guys are just a bunch of hating fanboys who dont even wanna give Xbox a chance. Also all those games look like they can be played on a PS4 and they showed more trailers than actual gameplay. An not all those games are exclusive most are timed exclusive.

  5. Just remember, with how amazing most of those games looked, none of them are running on Unreal Engine V. We wont see any games using it for 3 to 4 years. But when we do, they will almost take a literal dump on what we just saw. Consider that. Games are going to look even MORE insane later on. Vastly more insane.

  6. How have Sony managed to keep the console so small? It's similar specs as the series X but that is massive just to house all the cooling it needs.

  7. So. Do I stick with the Xbox as it was 1/3 of my childhood (2/3 being Nintendo and real life), or is it time to leave the cult and join the new cult a.k.a Playstation?

  8. This has to be the most BORING Sony presentation I've ever seen. And I've seen some shit presentations over the last eleven years! Don't twist my words. I do see values in some of the games but the console looks poorly made. This sucks!

  9. Are you guys talk about Nintendo NX rumors ? You haven't mentioned anything in 4 years ?! Some of us have been waiting for more news about Nintendo new console.


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