PS5 Event Live Reaction With YongYea

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  1. Turns out there is a separate stand to lay out the PS5 horizontally, hell yes. Totally missed it at 1:45:24. Also, Spider-Man Miles Morales doesn't seem to be a DLC per say, it's looking like a full fledged PS5 exclusive from what I've seen.

  2. I keep coming back to watch this because I love your reaction to the console reveal. The design is very polarising, people seem to either love it or dislike it. It DOES look like a router but it looks like a damn sexy router, it's an iconic design and I love it.

  3. The PS5 looks absolutely amazing!!!! I love it!!! There were no games they showed I would buy or want to play except maybe Spiderman, but even then not really. I heard you say they were going to make Silent Hill for PS5…that takes my breath away…I miss that game so much!! I don't like what they did with Downpour, it was weird an un-Silent Hill in my opinion. Why did so many of the games look like a little kid's acid trip. I don't like games that look weird for the sake of looking weird and different.
    Thanks dude!

  4. The big problem with a ps5 digital edtion is that, yes for now in this new generation there will still be physical media for the ps5, but say for the ps6, what if sony decides to go full digital? That's bad because it gives sony a monopoly on the ps store and so that means that only they can decide the price of the games. For example, ghost of tsushima, on amazon, the standard edition to pre-order is 49.99 pounds here in the UK, whereas on the ps store it's already 54.99 for the standard edition. If we make it so the only way to buy ps games is through the ps store, who's to say that sony can't just jack up that price to 59.99? Maybe even 64.99! They've been doing already for literally no reason only because they want more money. Also, what if say the ps servers go down? That's all your beloved games with all your fond memories of them gone, just whisked away like that. Also you can't sell and trade, plus you don't even really own the game, it's just sony giving you a license to run their game. With physical, it's yours, forever. Nothing can change that. And I bet to incentivise people to buy the digital edition they'll massively lower the price of the DE and massively raise the price of the original ps5 model. Well, at least I'm not having it. We need to show sony what we want with our wallets. So, for the future of gaming, please don't buy the ps5 digital edition. For me at least, physical media all the way.

  5. Please stay with pre-prepared videos as it seems you miss a lot from reaction type videos. The fact that you COMPLETELY missed the digital only edition is truly mindbogling :D. Even when you read out-loud the FIRST comment about all digital ed. you just skipped over it without realising.

  6. imagine a day where quick travel option actually becomes quick travel for real. Where you can skip entire sections of a map in an instant and get right back into the game without the loading screen.

  7. Definitely a home run from me, can’t think of anything else I wanted within reason. Horizon is my favorite game so of course I wanted gameplay but it’s probably a ways off so there’s plenty of time for that and they revealed actually quite of a lot in that trailer. Only real complaint is that so few game’s have dates but those will surely be announced as the console itself gets a date. Loved it overall especially the surprise miles reveal

  8. I am really,really pleased with shown.
    Maybe not every game has super next gen graphics wibe,but the demonstration of the SSD in Ratchet was quite impressive.
    And many games look gorgeous regardless of if they are or aren't a generational jump in graphics.
    And most games look quite interesting.

    As for the consoles themselves,they are both gorgeous and ugly at the same time lol

  9. That IS the in-game graphics in Horizon 2.
    Not very difficult to imagine and/or believe I think given how Horizon 1 looked on a significantly weaker consoles.

  10. There will still be a need for improved internet connections as well as upgrading their current TVs to 4K minimum before you’ll realize the true potential of the system and software..

  11. 46:15 there is a loading time, when he falls into the rift and then floats for 1-2 seconds. That's the loading time and if that is what we can expect from next-gen games (not only on PS5, it won't be much different on XSX and Multiplat games) then I'm really looking forward to this.


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