Federal Express Runaway train incident 67 years later

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2 days late and I lost several hours of sleep but holy hell it’s worth it now that it’s done! Enjoy this pretty interesting story on a runaway GG1 just days before Eisenhower’s inaguration
Please don’t shoot me for the Trump pics 😐
Next to come up is Glendale and *passes out*

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  1. I am surprised the conductor had no option to set the brake in the cars. Trains cars I know from that time had the option to directly release the pressure from each car.

  2. Design flaw in the air brake system of a single coach? Improperly installed valve seems more likely. When had that car last been in the shop for maintenance?

  3. A little confused. If the brakes used air pressure to release the brakes the same way semi trucks trailers do and escalators do with electricity from magnetic breaks. How would the brakes not be engaged with no air pressure. It is designed that way for safety.


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