Dangerously Early | 2018 F-22 Raptor Runway Incident

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  1. This video leaves out a lot of important details. A much better explanation of the situation can be found on retired fighter pilots channel, CW Lemoine

  2. woulda been perfect if, after the plane scraped to a stop, the pilot ejected. ok, he prolly woulda died so not so perfect, but it would have been visually stunning.

  3. I was totally stunned that the pilot only had a little over 500 hrs of flying time. Talk about "rookie time." How in the hell did he get into the Top Gun school? Weird — 500 hrs in the cockpit. Here I am a "do nothing rookie," but at least I have 1000 hrs of airtime. 1000 hrs? Also total Rookie time. Newly graduated pilots of flight training schools now need a MINIMUM of 1,500hrs to fly a commercial jet from the RIGHT seat. Damn, 500 hrs.

  4. This is what happens when take things you've done a thousand times for granted (putting on a seat belt, for example). You don't even think about it…until something happens. Just goes to show you are never too old to learn (even for a top gun instructor).

  5. The aircraft took off in ground effect at a lower speed but stalled when it went out of ground effect which would be the same height as the wing span of an F-22.

  6. I'm really curious what happened to the pilot. I wonder if he's still flying in the Air Force? I'd have to imagine if he is it's in C-130's or something similar.

  7. Root cause: Leadership

    Live flying in modern aircraft has been cut to a minimum. Instead, pilots sit in simulators and practice systems operations. What they cannot learn in simulators is airmanship (the right mixture of knowledge, skills, and experience) which can only be acquired by being airborne and handling the aircraft every day.

    The decision to reduce flying hours has been driven by mainly by the following considerations.
    1. Due to a highly sophisticated technology the aircrafts have become fail-safe (this is the belief)
    2. An hour flying in modern aircrafts has become very expensive.

    My conclusion.
    Get rid of these very impressive and very expensive flying machines. They have become senile. The costs to make them effective do not justify the effort anymore.

    An ex Phantom and Tornado pilot

  8. The bad news is that almost 2y later, TOPGUN Student (F-18) remains in a hold pattern circling the 'designated examination/graduation excercise airspace' most eagerly awaiting TOPGUN65's arrival. Alas cup half full, good news … TOPGUN Student is now the military's most exeperienced F-18 aviator in aerial refueling!



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