TS-590SG Official Factory Mod. Fools.

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Amazing news from Kenwood. 144/2m SSB and FM added to TS590SG. 70cms apparently also in the pipe. What do you think? Callum.

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  1. I need a friend opinion, I like to do SSB phone contest, I am in doubt to buy a KENWOOD TS 590 SG or ICOM IC 7300 … can you help me which is the best choice ?? 73

  2. For those of you disappointed by the findings, may I recommend the Yaesu FT-847. I've been enjoying mine for more than 11 years. 🙂

  3. Funny stuff. I run a TS 590 in the shack and I'm also a fan of VHF and keep in touch with the locals on the net. When I first saw your vid notification, I wondered why they were bringing back a dinosaur but was interested… LOL!!
    Might say, you got me a bit there. Good one!

  4. Nearly had me going but I only have the Ts590 not the sg so with my luck even if they did release it mine wouldnt be covered lol. I better dig out the 706 and get it serviced :p

  5. I am usually not one to be pulled into an Apil Fools Joke, but you pulled me in…….I bought a TS-590SG just last month. Thanks for gttin y attention! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !!

  6. Callum, I have only recently brought my 590 and for a minute you had me going. Your a rascal!!!!:)
    Sandy (g0vqw) A CW only operator!!

  7. dont forget the 706mk2g was a shack in the box all band all mode and with a transverter mod you'd get 23, 13 and maybe 9cm so this was like meh, another shack in the box

  8. Loved it. April fool is a fun day for those with perverse senses of humor. Like the PBS story where the USA balanced the budget by selling Arizona to Canada

  9. Having a TS-590SG with absolutely no room for such a thing, and no common sense whatsoever, I clicked on this video… Well done, sir.


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