Some Major New Releases from the Fallout 3 Remake Mod

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Today we take a look at some of the recent news and releases in Fallout 4 modding. We recently saw some major new details on upcoming releases for Fallout 4: Capital Wasteland, the Fallout 3 remake or remaster mod for Fallout 4. This coming just after Bethesda delays their own plans for a Fallout 3 return in Creation Club.


The Mods:

Lamprey Floaters:
PC —
Xbox One —

Fallout 3 Creation Club:

Perks 76:
PC —

Bullet Counted Reload System:
PC —

Summer Overhaul:
PC —

The Machine and Her XDI patch:
PC —

The Machine And Her:
PC —


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  1. It's a shame that us Console users are at the mercy of Bethesda when it comes to this game, so far I've seen people on PC get Fallout 4 up to a pretty stable state, whereas we have to bear with poor optimization and system issues to boot.

    One day that won't be a problem, I hope.

  2. I hate that they are using the new style of power armor, 3 and new vegas's take on power armor makes much more sense in regards to what power armor is/was supposed to be.

  3. 3:36 Those centaurs are not the fallout 3 version btw. Notice how it doesn't say capital wasteland? Like how the floaters don't? Bc they aren't actually from fo3. The centaurs from fo3 have that one human looking head with tentacles coming from their mouths. So moral of the story, they are like the centaurs from Adam Adamowicz's fallout 4 concept art, not fo3.

  4. A group of Modders tried to remake New Vegas on FO4 Engine but were shut down. It looked Great. Can still see video of game play at Good Springs.

  5. I’d actually enjoy any of the fallout games in fallout 4s engine if the games actually run I’d even like to see 1 and 2 in FPS or original as these games will probably be forgotten in the next few years if thay aren’t remastered or rereleased on the newer consoles and computers

  6. The lever action reload "fix" mod just ends the animation prematurely, uncocking the hammer everytime you reload. The amination is still ugly imo.

  7. Lol this is news? The communities create the mods for free, bethesda then just gives them scraps for the rights and monetizes them on the creation club. Bethesda is too incompetent to remaster fallout 3.

  8. I know fallout 3 is being remade in the fallout 4 engine but can the mod developers make like there own min DLC chapters in fallout 3 like siding with the Enclave all the way without being killed or 20 years later seeing the wasteland being rebuilt by brotherhood/ other survivors from the wasteland. Bring down the Aliens mothership to DC wasteland. Make it little bit more fun and wacky. Just a thought


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