FoEhints: St- Patricks Day Event in Forge of Empires

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FoEhints: St- Patricks Day Event in Forge of Empires

There will be a completely new event in Forge of Empires this year: St. Patrick’s Day.

We first have to collect as many gold pots as possible. We will start with an initial stock of 200 gold pots. With every daily login you will receive another 100 gold pots.

Each of the 35 rush quests will provide a reward of 100 gold pots. The 21 daily quests following after the rush quests will even give 150 gold pots each. The quests are from the usual range of quests that we already know from many other events. They can be found as a list in the first, pinned comment below the video.

The complete text, the rush quests, the daily quests, and the tasks can be found in the first, pinned comment below the video.

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  1. Didn't follow the recommendations close enough. Just got 2 parts to level 2. Mostly tried too hard to hit the Quadrillion shamrocks. The event was too time consuming.

  2. My final 5 cents on this event. It was not difficult once you understand compounding numbers. But when you do understand it, you quickly see the ame of Innogames: selling diamond packages. I guess they got carried away with th sales figures of last year… I guess, it's ok they want to make money as they also have bills to pay, but it should have been a beter balance, like giving small rewards after each completed task, just saying..

  3. I just finished the 4th complete city with all chest. So even 4 is possible without using diamonds 🙂

    But I still can't level the complete set to lvl 2. When I complete the quest line I still miss one upgrade set. Any clue why?

  4. There is a flaw in your game I have completed all the tasks in the city but it won't let me go to the next city so I can't collect anything nor can I continue the game.

  5. Thanks for the video. I now know I'm going to be able to get the fully upgraded set, but I also know that I would not if I hadn't watched this. Great advice.

  6. I think I'm in trouble. the fourth city and the last task in complete125/250 upgrades and all my upgrades cost 1.6Q+ . my guess is I need least 300Q in order to get this task done in order to get to the next city and have a chance to get the last celtic piece i guess i upgraded things to quickly

  7. I'm at the fourth city with all tasks completed, but only have 550 gold pots. I also have completed all quests up until today and collected every daily 100 pots of gold (49). I have ONLY used gold pots for required tasks, have checked my city several times a day for any incidents, and even used 220 of my bonus quest earned diamonds to buy 200 gold pots 🙁 This is just too unbalanced of an event, even if I had completed all quests today, I still would not have enough gold to buy all boxes (in my current, fourth city) and have enough left to finish 25 tasks in the fifth city (and certainly not within a day, provided some of the fifth city tasks are collecting quadrillions of shamrocks). My only hope is if incidents provide any more gold pots 🙁

  8. Bonjour. Est-il possible d'avoir les vidéos en français ? C'est trop difficile de suivre et surtout de comprendre lorsque l'on ne comprends pas du tout l'anglais. Merci par avance pour cette effort.

  9. This event was trash as hell way too much grinding and farming for the Celtic forest, not worth it especially with the spring event coming with one of the best event buildings.

  10. What if you used the strategy to skip doing the X6 chests @ 1900 gold pots a pop and just focused solely on skipping to the next town and completing as many tasks as possible thereby compounding the X25 task rewards? I wonder if that would be cheaper?

  11. So After almost a week playing the event. I first didn't like it , After my second village understood 2 things : first priority has to go to incrising the festival & ship to level 250 (usually together ) and the Factories just enought for that purpose. If you just invest your gold in directors this should take about one day. The next day you incrise all the Factories. At the end of the day you should have fulfilled 35 of your 38 quests. Then you Can choose to take one day more to achive the last 3 quests or start a new village . On my first village i commited the error to try to rush to end the village as soon a possible. Now i understood that in this event Time is your Allie, not your ennemi. After one week i already have all the celtic forest on level 1

  12. One part I found most difficult was to wait to earn the 8Q shamrocks to buy out the closure of the first city after all the quests were completed. It took almost a full day just accumulating shamrocks.

  13. It's necessary to complete all the 38 tasks of a single city to have the free box, or however the last possibility to buy the six boxes? can i skip the last tasks obtaining the same reward? because if it's possible i can speed up a lot the process, and maybe obtaining a lot more selection kits by compleating the firsts tasks of the next cities.

  14. I wonder if you can get a Lv2 Celtic forest without purchasing chests. If you can finish your tasks in a town and move to the next one fast enough, you can perhaps save the gold coins (1900 per six chests) for tasks (hiring managers).

  15. Boxes? In the video you said to only buy the first set, but the screen at 11:17 says '4 set of boxes for 1900 good pots each' and it looks like you need the other full sets for the selection kits?

  16. this is a stupid event with inferior building rewards for the space they take. Yah same as a terrace farm but you need 3 roads. Dumb.

  17. I said in a comment on the actual FoE saint patricks day video. I liked this event, it was a bit confusing to start but really fun once you understood it I'm a fan of idle clicker games and I thought this was great, I hope they bring it back or improve it for more events to come.

  18. I forgot to buy all the boxes after the first city. I only bought the 1st one, since I didn't come back and see the video again. Hopefully, I'll be ok to finish all parts to level 2.

  19. When a new event comes, my first thing to do is check out your video. I am in love with your accent, and your videos show that you put really a lot of work in them. Thank you so much!

  20. I finished all the tasks of the first town. I click on Next Town/Continue and find out that I need 8.4Q shamrocks.. 🙁 That will take forever! Or am I missing something? To speed the process up to get 8.4 Q (I have 1.56Q now) I need to spend goldpots?

  21. I just finished the last quest of the first town. You have to pay a lot of shamrocks to get to the next town. That is going to slow things down. A lot.

  22. If you are NOT getting any INNO event promo offers then go to SETTINGS, DATA USAGE and check to see if you have the box ticked off to Receive e-mails about game events, features and offers as well as news about our other games

  23. How about instead of creating these ridiculously complicated events one after another you just fix the bugs in GvG and GbG so our maps update when they should? Ever think of that?


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