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  1. HAD 16 kills (on pc not aim assist controller like some "pro" on twitch and thinking are good ahaha) in ltm winter express and almost 3500 damage unfort. i didnt recorded

  2. So he basically didn’t like it cause it was just a fun a game and not a game mode filled with tryhards. Why can’t streamers just play something for fun instead of trying to be competitive. The Halloween limited time game mode was really fun. This is was a good idea for a game mode too. Apparently first person shooters can’t be about fun without people complaining and saying it’s boring. Everything’s got to be taken seriously and be competitive.

  3. I couldn't stand this event. I enjoyed the halloween one. It was enjoyable to play as a shadow or a player. I think someone with an aggressive playstyle like shroud tho, understandably would get frustrated with that, i prefer tactical stealth/ Slippery playstyle, so Halloween event was fun af for me. (Albeit still aggravating as all hell) However this event sucked ass, i tried playing with my brother a couple times and it just was. not. fun. It wasn't enjoyable, getting two other teams competing for a king of the hill esk gamemode with shitty loudouts on 80% of the characters. I miss solo's ;_;

  4. Disappointed in you Shroud :/ play the game for more than two minutes before you judge it. Also, it's not a bad event just because you suck at it ☹️

  5. Chubbles is every random teammate I’ve ever had in apex since season 3 started aka half the reason this game i used to love is dead to me


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