Winter forecast ahead of holiday travel rush l ABC News

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ABC News senior meteorologist Rob Marciano tracks the latest storms and weather conditions ahead of the record-setting holiday travel season.

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  1. I'm going to need a new jacket to handle all this global warming.

    Also, this is now an 'Epstein Didn't Kill Himself' thread.

  2. I dont trust any news at all. Haha sad right. You bet this country is a fucking joke and its gonna fall. All it is is an evil empire and all its evil scum are done.

  3. As far as pedophiles this countrys very rich and powerful and political are just that there all pedophiles. Right along w a huge portion of Hollywood. End of times is near

  4. Fuck you and your government controlled weather to u its population control funny on every big holiday theres some kind of life threatening storm hmmm coincidence? I think not. Lmao the end of times is coming even for the evil empire hahaha and many of us good citizens who believe theres a much better life in the next life cant wait

  5. fuck that, grandma can make the gravey this year. Last year we got into a car accident and I ended up with hot gravey all over my nut sack

  6. On 11/21/19, near Phoenix, there was a horrible hail storm, of Biblical proportions, that went on for over 20 minutes. At times, you couldn't even see anything. I lived in Upstate New York, for many years, and I have never ever seen anything like it. This is what crazy tyrannical people do, when they have the, admitted and probable, power to control the weather!

  7. In South Florida it's averaging 80 during the day and 70s in the afternoon/ night time. This has been your daily Florida weather forecast.

  8. I thought Winter was another month away. Is this a first — Winter in Fall. It is no wonder why people do not believe you about Epstein's non-suicide murder.

  9. Be careful, this might take a giant shit on your master's global warming excuse for taxing the piss out of working people. Stephanopolous used to work for the Clintons who definitely didn't kill Epstein.


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