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A family in Georgia warns others after a stranger hacked into their Ring home security system and started talking to their 8-year-old daughter.

Multiple U.S. families have reported incidents of Ring camera systems being hacked in recent days, raising questions as to whether the systems are allowing hackers access to people’s homes, without ever having to set foot inside.

Owners of Ring security cameras in Mississippi, Georgia, Florida and Texas have reported incidents where hackers tormented families with racial slurs, encouraged children into destructive behavior and demanded a ransom in Bitcoin.

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  1. Anyone with basic IT tech skills can hack these. Anything that connects to wifi including your phone is able to be breached starting with simply scanning for each device’s IP address which is easy.

    The only true way to protect yourself is by researching ways to enhance your wifi service security. There are ways to make a breach nearly impossible.

  2. People are hating on the guys doing this, but what kind of parent puts a security camera in their kid's room. I would be mortified if I found out my parents did that shit to me! If anything, these hackers are doing us a service by informing everyone of the dangers of invading people's privacy.

  3. If I had cameras and someone hacked them and I realised I'd be staring at the camera while slowly walking forward and keep saying "I see you" until I'm right in front of it and then just smash it. They would be so Terrified lmao.

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  5. I love how the mom of the girl said she felt violated, when she keeps a camera in her kids room, I get that your kid is eight, but everyone deserves privacy.

  6. Was told. In 2006 that white hackers was going be in such demand that small companies would not be able afford them if could type more ten words a min I would look into

  7. To be honest, it’s super easy to hack someone camera stuff like that, there have something call Shodan and google dork from the Internet, you can literally do what the hacker doing from this video with using this 2 things, the reason why I’m telling this is because i want to show u guy know those hacker u hear from the news like hacking computer or send phishing link to steal people password, they’re noob hackers or we call those hackers to ( script boy ) because real hackers they never do those stupid things

  8. The opening news anchor must be singing…

    All I want for Christmas is a new front tooth ,a new front tooth. lol.

    But seriously people don’t recycle passwords or use your kid or pets name. Birth dates are also a no-no. If you can’t come up with a complex password you can get an app that will randomly generate one for you


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