Accused Mohammed Pasha Mother Face To Face | Disha Incident | NTV

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Accused #MohammedPasha Mother Face To Face | Disha Incident | NTV

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Comment (26)

  1. Vallakem telusu papam ame emaina tappu cheyyamani cheppi pampinda ,vadu panikimalina vadu chesadu poyadu ,papam valla familys nu enduku urike ibbhandi pedatharu

  2. Ituvanti kesulalo thallithandrulaku kuda, vaaru eamathaniki chendina varaina, eakulaniki chendina varaina Kuda, responsibility fix up cheyyali.

  3. Mother of rapist, she also die infront his son. His mother shud brought up well his son, so his mother is root cause. All the family member of criminals shud taste the pain, than only the crime will reduce. Sorry if my comment hurts anybody, but think about the victims pain. So criminal family must punish infront of criminals and after that criminals shud punished by hand of victims family. Nonit to give human rites to satans. Whoever's say its inhuman, lets them go thru the pain of victims, than only the fucking human rites activists knw. Nonit to show or give humanity to tiz kind of satan's.


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