Walgreens Beauty Event || Spend $25 get $14 points || Stacking Deals

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In this video I’m sharing the deals I did taking advantage of the spend $25 get $7 points.

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Comment (25)

  1. NO STACKING!! I went to 3 stores in Chicago and none of them would apply both the 7000 Beauty Enthusiast digital and paper coupon… only one or the other, even though I showed them the video. Also their Catalina printer was not working. And they were out of the Beauty Bag. I bought nothing…big waste of time!

  2. thank you for being so thorough, I did not know about the threshold thing with the ivcs and such, you are the first time anyone ive watched have explained that. now i know what happened in my scenerios.

  3. The product for product ya stated is so true… It takes me awhile on my hauls but i always have to work wit my product cause i am so late nite on shopping … But thru you n my coupon community … My anxiety has lessened n im accomplished at the end of most of my trips… Tks. For giving us a lil chit chat ,… We miss you too … My wallet was taken out my buggy cause my goofy self was looking at clearance n walked off at the DG sat evenin n it had all my revlon RRS n boosters i was goin to use this week.. So im at a loss 4 words n now im pickin up n regroupong … Sux but .. Im here n hope they get use out of em.. Their karma will come ..
    Love ya deals .. Tks 4 sharing n love seein ya videos..

  4. Thank you so much for your videos they are so informative!! I always love watching your videos you make everything so clear!!! ❤️

  5. On the revlon deals if you have a BoGo digital coupon and a $5 off face can you use both if I am buying the concealer (2) and a lip gloss for 4.99? How will this work on the spend 15 get 10rr. Or the spend 25 get 7000 points.

  6. You CAN use 4 TREsseme coupons in the same transaction, because the barcodes are different for the shampoo and conditioner, Mrs. Michelle. But I didn't know we can double stack the 7,000 paper coupon with the 7,000 we have on our app so thanks for the tip!

  7. I see how you are able to roll points for spend items. Your receipts shows the amount you paid, example 1st beauty deal that you rolled $25 in register rewards, so hence you are able to use points for the spend deal for beauty. Is that right?

  8. I did several of these deals today but I was so confused on how and why it happened the way it did , so THANK YOU for breaking it down so clearly! Very helpful! Now I’ll go back out for round two tomorrow better equipped! =)

  9. Hi, I had a bad day as a customer behind me in line yelled to hurry up & when I went to explain he put his hand up & said tell someone who cares, not me. Anyway I left & went to another Walgreens where I know the manager but still spent like $40 on beauty & no $7.00. I called cust srv, waited 1/2 hour & they gave me the $7. I already had close to $40 in beauty but mine didn't stack, obviously didn't even get the $7 on today's purchases. I had Revlon, Physicians Formula, Mabeline &Tresemme in my haul. I think I'm done with Walgreens for a while. I didn't use any paper coupons cause my region never got those inserts. Sorry to vent but as most of us I'm on a fixed income. Thx for listening.

  10. Michelle, I had a $3 rr. Tried to buy trashbags buy 1 at $2.79 get 2 free. It wouldn't attach. I even tried to throw in a candy bar with no luck! Do you know why?


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