PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2019 – Main Event – Episode 3

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Highlights from the first half of Day 3 of the PCA 2019 Main Event from Atlantis, Paradise Island. With 865 entries in this $10,000 poker tournament, there is a total prize pool of $8.4m. Featured players include Randy Lew, Glenn Miller, Maria Ho, Ami Barer and Marc-Andre Ladouceur.

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  1. I am no poker pro but for the love of god why have you not called that full house, 170000 more in to a pot of 1/2 a million still would have left you 200000 maybe I should become a pro!!! That for me was one of the worst lay downs I’ve ever seen, even the guy who won the pot looked surprised!!! Don’t forget your not calling with trips, a flush, a straight your calling with a full house, the next thing up is four of a kind!!!! Terrible lay down if your laying that down you shouldn’t be playing poker, what you waiting for 4 of a kind or a straight flush to call, terrible, terrible!!!

  2. Can we watch a hand with spanish speakers involved without a donkie JJankee de mierda pretending to speak spanish and kicking his parents education money in the ass?
    Is really annoying listen that scumbag talking the bullshit trumps allow him to tell in his country.

  3. Love how everyone are making fun of Berkley for folding the full house… QT is basically the only hand he beats as that hand played out, (as the commentary & experts in the booth are saying) or just a random bluff which is very unlikely. Theres more hands that beats him than there are hands that he win over. No trip A is ever valuebetting there either. I can absolutely see a fold there, even tho it seems redicilous, it makes sense… Thats why Berkley sits there and you guys are on youtube watching. Saying that this is "the worst fold ever" shows how little you know of the game at high level. Ofc 99 never folds there at your 1-2 drunken home games, or at micro-stakes online. But thats an hole other story. If that guy would have showed A-J or A-K for a bigger boat. You'd all be sitting here saying how Berkley is the best player ever.

  4. Are u sure they are pros? I see only bad play, folding JJ with a low flop non sense (was he hoping for a set on the flop??), then folding a full house against a flush, bruh, wtf

  5. iff you pay me , i can paint my nails , dess a hat and play whith you´s … in caribian ?do you know here is santa iria da azioa ?


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