LIVE: F1 Esports Pro Series 2019 Event 1!

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The 2019 F1 New Balance Esports Pro Series is finally here! Watch all the action from the first three races as we get the championship under way at London’s GFinity Arena.

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Comment (27)

  1. I think Esports is on the right track with loosely emulating the real world f1 championship in our current technological paradigm and I hope they continue to do so for a long to come. Looking into the future as developments with PC hardware and software continue to improve, I also think they should look to showcase events that would otherwise be illegal to even take place. It makes sense to investigate this possibility as we continue to make advances with GPU Tech. We could be holding the International Group B rally championships again with absolute safety. What the freakin' hell, lets do jet bikes at Daytona. The ease of implementing impossible camera angles will also become more relevant as CGI becomes indistinguishable with reality. How cool would it be to see a quick fly under of a concept super-car breaking from 400 mph into a downhill chicane. WWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  2. sorry but this whole event is so ridiculous xD
    Do they realize it's just a fucking game and not reality?
    And no esports isn't a sport, it's just dumb

  3. Race start: 13:10

    So many people crying about the setup, wanting this shit to make up for the winter break (instead of watching other racing events *facepalm*) and on one have enough wits to say when the fuck the race starts.
    Scrolling through comments only gave away crap.

  4. is this gorillas in the mist? I must have missed the weather setting. This is pretty cool but the cars still look boring compared to real, they are just too stuck to the road and why make it so boring anyway, put in some jumps, banks, fire-tunnels, monsters, c'mon, this shit puts me to sleep!

  5. F1 eSports rules honestly should be like this:

    * 50% races that mirror the real life F1 season with the final race of the season being a 100% race.

    * All cars are spec'ed, meaning they're all on the same level and only wings, ride height, brake bias and steering settings can be changed. No engine and research point mods allowed.

    * Cockpit mode only

    * No assists, game exploits/glitches allowed (this includes corner cutting exploits and tyre exploits for better qual times).

  6. I was in a league with the very first Codemaster's F1 game. Jann Mardenborough was among the competitors. He won the independent championship (not on a team), and I won the independent championship the season after. Of course our league did not have the world wide participation this competition does. Great to see it come so far.


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