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New Destiny 2: Shadowkeep News Update about the next Sandbox Update, coming soon! Super Nerfs, Bug fixes, and some MASSIVE Armor 2.0 changes!




New #Destiny2 News Update video talking about the latest info with the #Shadowkeep Expansion and Season of the Undying (New Season 8)! information about the New Update and New Patch hitting Destiny 2 on October 29th! As well as info about some BIG changes coming to Armor 2.0 with the next Season (Season of dawn) #Destiny2News

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Comment (18)

  1. Yes keep nerfing warlocks into playing only stormtrance and nova bomb.

    While your at it nerf handheld supernova, finish off that sad excuse of a sub class

  2. You know…

    When I got one-eyed mask for the first time… I tried it in pve. Let's be nice and say I didn't see shards and an OP, cheap pvp exotic.

  3. OEM is not op you people just suck it Doesn't make you god like at all went up against 3 titans with OEM we crushed them but it should have been the other way right shity players it turns you into gods who can't be beat right shity players I don't use it because there are better exotics but you shity players ( crutch no skill needed hunters class) keep crying like a bunch of bitches with no skill probably running around in your dick Holden team shooting packs with no one V one skills.

  4. they need to nerf the aoe on the slam on striker titans its atleast 20m in a full 360 while arc striders have a small like 5m aoe that really only works infront of the hunter

  5. Dude come on whenever I try to get the best set up or weapons or armor bungie is already gonna nerf it man like I dont have a one to punch shorty or pergine greaves

  6. Maybe a weird problem I have, but arc warlock's mid tree super. That arc beam. I just can't see anything when firing it. This makes it incredibly hard to use in PVP. Sometimes enemies are right in front of you, but you are blinded by your beam. They could improve visuals on it a bit.


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