Gerwyn Price vs. James Wade Incident — 2019 PDC Premier League

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Gerwyn Price vs. James Wade Incident — 2019 PDC Premier League

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  1. I've noticed George Noble wasn't as enthusiastic about crowd control like in the German Open last week….also a bad atmosphere did not help.

  2. Some people are just cunts. Especially during casual play. This one guy I was playing against couldn't hit the double and I took a nanosecond longer than expected to collect my darts and he's like, if you don't hurry the fuck up the next one is going in your foot. Of course, naturally I said — the way you're throwing tonight I highly doubt it.

  3. Price had been behaving better but relapsed into another one of his childish tantrums. Price seems to revel in his cocky, often unprofessional demeanor, so he should have thicker skin if he's going to carry himself like a pr*ck on stage.

  4. When you throw on stage it always is a heating moment i understand price if he didnt want to shake hands wade does it also 1000 times leaving without a handshake but this time wade didnt do anything

  5. Ive always said this about price, the man has no class, just look at him when scoring well, in people’s faces shouting like a vicking & it’s just confirmed everything I’ve alway thought of the man , Wade puts his hand out at the end of the match and price walks of like a little child sulking because Mammy didn’t get you a new set off flights in the shop, you are a little man & you carry yourself like a child, get some CLASS asked wade about CLASS because he put his hand out after the game, people are booing at price because your antics are tasteless

  6. There was a man in the crowd whistleling very anoyingly at Gerwin Price when he was throwing, I think that combined with all the booing (and whatever he thought wade was doing) got him very distracted

  7. Price demonstrating yet again what an utter prick he is. No matter what goes on during the game you shake your oppents hand afterwards. Basic rule of sportsmanship in darts. Vile human being Price.

  8. Not shouting like a fuckin retard now are ye price boyo nooooooooooo just throwing the dummy out the pram you bad losing piece of shite

  9. Wade did nothing wrong, moved into the exclusion zone after Price three all 3 darts. Looks like Price can’t handle it when the shoe is on the other foot

  10. Any idea what actually happened mate? A

    All ive seen his Price saying it was about the crowd so not sure why he didnt shake Wades hand

  11. Wade did nothing wrong. Price tried to slow him down and play like Suljovic cos he knows wade has lost twice to him this season, but it failed and tried to blame it on other things and was a knob at the end cos he knew the plan failed and top 4 may be out of sight.


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