Breaking News: LIVE Tornado emergency near Kansas City | KMBC-TV coverage

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KMBC COVERAGE of tornado, thunderstorm watches near Kansas City area

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  1. EXCELLENT reporting at 1:24:49. He's such a great communicator — so eloquent and so natural. I love that he's down to earth and, at the same time, so elegant. Très manifique!!! THANK YOU, Brian!

  2. I was just wondering something. Does anybody remember years and years ago when News casters, journalist and all those on TV could speak? Meds or dope? what's with all the stuttering all over themselves and acting like fools? do these people even have to go to school anymore for any of this stuff? At least an English class or two? I imagine they do the same thing like they do with trophies.. Pass them out to everybody so they won't be considered a sexist, racist or homophobic. And then some more.

  3. Why are we not hearing about this on mainstream media??? It's all trump trump.trump. this is a big deal for there to be this many tornados in this amount of time.

  4. The judgement of the true living of TMH Yahuah time to recognize the true people of Aluah 400yrs is almost up August 20 1619 to August 20 2019 so called jews already celibated the 70 years now Yahuah is just visiting with storm , he his just warming up.

  5. Farmers are getting hit with trade and the rest are being blown away by storms ……….And what is trump doing? playing golf and traveling and telling lies that all you do is ask for help in the means of FEMA and farm subsidies God what a loser.

  6. It is my statement that when I, Amy Knorr was six months old, Polita Barnes, then Peggy Rissoti, took me to a bank affiliate in New York City, to do the final act of moving the Dublin Ulster Nat West Knorr Vault. The bloodline ancestor of Polita Barnes, Paula Howard, opened the new account in 1939 without consent using paperwork prepared by 16th century ancestor Catherine Howard. At this time Paula Howard also removed the Provenance papers. Paperwork presented in 1939 required a Royal signature which was acquired in 1956 when Consort Philip signed paperwork in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II. Now, in 1968, utilizing employees of underworld infiltration, Peggy Rissoti feigned that I, Amy Knorr as a six month baby, consent to the moving of the vault.

    I, Amy Knorr, state that I did not consent to the relocation of the Dublin Ulster Nat West Knorr Vault in any way, shape or form or at any time in history.

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    Please review my report The Spanish Connection and Supplement by Amy Knorr and all email tips from July 2017 through present.

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  7. the building code needs to change. the houses needs to be build with three materials, lumber, brick and steel. Just like the three little pigs, one should take a leaf out of the smart pigs book.

  8. I was lucky to not get hit by it. We were on the very edge of the storm all i got was bad thunderstorms. Scary but prayers for everyone.

  9. I mean, yeah I live in LA and we are all afraid of the “big one” but at least we don’t get hit with really big earthquake and it’s called a season.

  10. this is some sort of karmic justice cause those are all trump supporters and as it stands right now its 1-2 republicans holding up $19B of relief funds solely for all these ppl ravaged by these storms hahaha im sorry you lost your house but you get nothing cause well cause you were such a pussy you thought the wall at the southern boarder was a better idea and now its costing you EVERYTHING hahahahaha those GOP senators wont ok the funds over the fkin wall man you cant make shit this ironic up!


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