Dayton Ohio Mass Shooter: How To Prevent The Next Incident From Happening

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The media is already calling for more gun laws but how can we actually properly respond to stop future mass shooters? Let’s discuss.

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  1. As Im getting older is see more and more of my friends that are influential in this country becoming more anti gun and and ultimately against 2nd Amendment rights. Its really freakin sad because Ive had to alienate them because there political views seem so foolish. The 1st Amendment gives the right for the media to talk trash about you and say whatever they want about you with no repercussions but 2nd Amendment rights are always under attack because the lowly American citizen needs the ability to protect themselves against evil. VERY SAD TIMES!

  2. It really sucks we dont have a voice anymore. Republicans lie to us to get voted in the turn their back. What are we supposed to do? Vote democrat and get ready?

  3. its sad how if you want something taken away. you just get people to hurt someone with it and now you have grounds to ban something. everyone of these people could just get a utility truck and run it down the sidewalk

  4. I always wonder how the situation would pan out if let’s say you encounter a mass shooter and you are also armed. There’s a good chance you might be mistaken as the shooter by first responders. That’s a chance I am willing to take to save some lives, but that is definitely a fear that I don’t see anyone bring up

  5. It has been proven that most mass shootings are done by white men. They stopped just killing them selves and started killing others plus themselves. If not caught or killed by the police. Chris Rock basically said the same thing but i had been said it long time ago.

  6. No real suggestions for reducing mass shootings in any of these posts. You’re one election away from a democratic house, senate, and president. And if Texas goes blue, the Democrats will rule for the foreseeable future. Allowing just anyone to walk in a gun store and buy an AR may make sense to everyone in this group, but we’re going to lose this fight. We got these guns back once, but this time they’ll be gone forever… WE need to figure out a way to regulate ourselves! If we don’t, we’ll be “defending our freedom” with single shots… And if you don’t think they can do it you’re a fool. “A well regulated militia”, not any freakin, irresponsible, immature, uneducated, unemployed, dumbass that can walk in and buy anything on the rack… Admit it, ARs and AKs sometimes attracts weirdos. WE need to weed out the nut jobs before they’re allowed to get these weapons. The government is incapable of doing this, and the gun manufacturers and dealers will probably never do it. Most professions regulate THEMSELVES. Figure out a way to only allow very responsible people into our community. Would you give an AR to someone who hasn’t proven themselves trustworthy? Of course not! But to the rest of the country it appears that that’s exactly what we’re doing. And in a way they’re right. And of course, nothing will guarantee there won’t be more shootings, but we can always say we do a better job of keeping the guns out of evil hands than the government. There is a plan that would work. Or, we can just keep stomping our feet and demanding the electorate not elect politicians who would add more gun restrictions.. See how far that gets us. DON’T BE STUPID

  7. Another thing that needs to happen is the correct reason needs to be addressed.
    100% of the mass murderers who have committed these atrocities have been on or coming off Psychiatric drugs. That is THE ONLY common thread between ALL of them.

  8. Gilroy California shooting occurred in a gun free zone. Dayton Ohio shooting occurred in a gun free zone (bars are gun free in OH). ElPaso shooting was in a Walmart near the Mexican border checkpoint where many Mexican citizens cross to shop at that Walmart and thus they are not armed (I used to work in ElPaso, know it well). Each shooter looked to the places they would meet no resistance. The ElPaso shooter drove 700 miles to find his victims.
    Thank you Mike for this timely message, well delivered and actionable.

  9. @mrgunsngear is a moron. Maybe you should rely more on statistics and case studies than your own conventional wisdom. Being in the air force and being a salesman for gun companies doesn’t make you any way at all an expert in mass killings or the psychology that goes behind it. Guns kill more people quicker and more effectively than most other accessible weapons; which is why we should ban assault rifles. Go back to selling guns, you are just a civilian.

  10. I've contacted my national representatives, including the president. Is that all that can be done? NO!!! I've gotten my License to Carry (TX version of concealed carry) and do so along with practicing regularly. I work everyday toward supporting others who do this and try so very hard to reason with those who don't/won't. Keep up the great work and the great vids!

  11. "A wolf killed a sheep, the sheep watched the killing and saw that teeth kill sheep, the sheep removed their teeth for their own safety…."

  12. Although I appreciate the footage and commentary I have to say: I'm sorry, but you are just espousing the usual pro gun senseless arguments. The reality is this: nobody that is not an active police officer or is on active military duty needs semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines or high-capacity magazines in any rifle or pistol. The only reason this shooter was able to fire more than 40 rounds and kill 8 people under a 2 minutes time period is that he had easy access to this rifle. In fact he bought both the rifle (technically it's an AM-15 pistol) and double drums magazine in the site GunsAmerica d o t com. This is the only way a young man, inexperienced shooter, and not particularly exceptional in any way could kill these many people in this little time. The time for a ban in this sort of armament for civilians is long overdue.

  13. 100,000 Illegal Aliens are crossing our Southern Border monthly. The Democrats do nothing to protect our border, and ask for amnesty and citizenship for these lawbreakers. They set up Sanctuary Cities, and even California as a Sanctuary State.

    The Democrats look at the chaos at our Southern Border as a manufactured crisis and fail to heed requests for financial assistance to “Build the Wall.” Those same Democrats look at every tragedy to politicize their attacks on President Trump, Republican Legislators, and supporters of the Constitution.

    In the same breath, these Democrats attack our Second Amendment, demand ERPO's (gun confiscation without Due Process), and want to take away semi-automatic weapons from legal, law-abiding, and naturalized citizens because of the actions a very few criminals.

    Please follow MrGunners direction. Write to President Trump. Senator Lindsey Graham, Senate Majority Leader McConnell, and your State Representatives and Senators. Let them know that we too are saddened by the recent loss of life in El Paso and Dayton.

    Please also let them know that no gun laws would have stopped these tragedies from happening. The Second Amendment is at the core of this Republic, and any attempt to alter this amendment is unacceptable.

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    "For the Republic!"


  14. Red Flags Laws are unconstitutional!
    These proposals are a violation of our constitutional rights and violation our citizen's right to due process.How many more illegal laws are going to be created to violate our rights?
    You cannot just make an allegation about someone & condemn them without merit & solid proof!
    The constitution was written to protect the American people!
    Not constantly being attacked & violated.
    It is time to expand concealed carry rights for lawful citizens!
    If there was just 1 lawful CCP citizen within this location it could have been halted quickly!
    The citizens who carry concealed weapons , carry them to protect themselves,family and those around us! Not to just carry a shiny weapon to impress people!
    Those of us who decide to carry are willing to put ourselves in harms way to PROTECT others from harm!
    We do not take this lightly & are fully aware of the consequences of being hurt ourselves , but the protection of others is more important.
    We & I are very disappointed of your comments Mr. President & expect you to stop this proposal!
    WE need a lot of things in this country ,but unprecedented persecution & violation of our rights isn't one of them!
    REMEMBER….the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun!
    God bless & long live ole' Glory & our people!

  15. Your video made me realize it would be hard to think it would hard to hear let alone think in a mass shooting situation. The shooter having hearing protection would be a huge advantage for them. I found AXIL XPREACTOR HEARING PROTECTION on the nra website. It fits in a keyfob like for pills and these buds keep safe decibels of sounds audible but filters out dangerous decibels eg from a gun shot. They sell some products like these on amazon. I’d look into making a set of these part of your edc

  16. Here’s the bottom line friends. Either we figure out how to keep guns out of the hands insane mass murderers or we all lose. You think the public’s gonna put up with this much longer? Even Trump is talking it. He’ll go whichever way the wind blows because he has no commitment to anything but getting re-elected.






  18. I'm a retired LEO , Range Master, and tactical team leader. I always pack, and also have an AR-15 in my truck. I've ratcheted up my awareness level since these shootings. From a 10 … to a 10+. Thanks for your video, very well done.

  19. if you were to get rid of all fire arms you will get situations like happened in japan a couple of weeks ago. a man comitted mass murder using gas and a match. what are you going to do then, ban all gas and matches? there are many ways to commit mass mayhem. you do not have to use a firearm.

  20. I’m in the Oregon District on a regular basis. Sometimes I’m carrying, others I’m not because I want to drink with friends. Scary to think if DPD didn’t routinely patrol on foot there every weekend. The latest info is that the shooter was taken out within 30 seconds of his initial shots (down from the original 1 minute figure). Rock stars.

  21. There should be a change in the carry permit. Like a drivers license, if you want to drive a bus, truck , semi you need training, pass a comprehensive test and you get a exemption on your license…..If you want to carry in a "no gun zone" there whould be a road to that like a truckers license. Training and then a comprehensive test then a exemption on your permit

  22. Dayton is a sanctuary city run by limp wristed progressive liberals that swore an oath to protect and defend criminals and keep guns out of the hands of law abiding taxpayers.
    That's what Democrats do these days.

  23. I was wondering where the Armed Security Officers were. I use to do Club Security. We had no less than 4 armed officers on site when the club was open. They should have had them there.

  24. it's a shame we have to live in fear .. but we don't have to.. I went out and purchase 3 hand guns and A AR- 15 IT'S TIME TO FIGHT BACK THANKS FOR THIS INFO

  25. Here is my email to President Trump and my Michigan legislators, sent this evening. Unfortunately, I doubt they'll personally read it.

    I am writing to ask my President not to support the rush to enact ineffective and unconstitutional laws that restrict gun ownership by citizens of our country. Specifically, the proposed "red flag" laws would result in huge numbers of law-abiding gun owners being falsely reported by fanatical gun haters, vindictive ex-wives and girlfriends, and anyone with a grudge against a given person. Those people would have their guns confiscated on the basis of hearsay. It would be the Judge Kavanaugh hearings repeated over and over and over; where he was assumed guilty, without any legal proof that he did anything wrong. How un-american! Millions of citizens' constitutional rights must not be trampled on, even for some small chance that a small number of potential mass shooters could be identified and thwarted. The cost to our freedoms is too great. I would remind the President that a person who is so morally corrupt that he is willing to commit the most horrific of crimes, mass murder of innocent people, will not be swayed by any number of laws restricting legal gun ownership; any more than prohibition laws kept normally law-abiding citizens from routinely and repeatedly illegally drinking alcohol. It could even be argued that availability of illegal alcohol, driven by the growth in organized crime, made the law a joke. Even if there was some magical way to snap our fingers and eliminate all firearms from the world, a crazy person, inclined to commit mass murder, will find other methods to do so. Confiscation of citizens firearms, without exhaustive legal proceedings and proof of wrongdoing or mental health issues, is unconstitutional, and will not stop the REAL potential mass murderers from commiting their crimes. I and millions of other gun owners are innocent of any such crime, and should not be ASSUMED to be a threat to society. Please think this through logically, and veto any such laws passed in haste by the idiots in Congress.

  26. This is madness. A man purchases a legal firearm. Equips it with a hundred round magazine. Kills 9 people and is killed in under 1 minute by police who were on the scene. And all the concern is for keeping the status quo. Not a single idea to remedy the insane amount of mass killings. No concession can be made not a single idea to make a tangible immediate change. Yes the gun is not the only factor at play here. But it is undeniable that the current ability and ease of the average American to arm themselves to commit these acts is a major factor. From what I understand right now the 32 people that were killed in these two shootings were killed by law-abiding gun owners not criminals. At least until they shot their first victim. Each shooting only reinforces the fear and the need for unrestricted access to more firearms. The cognitive dissonance is off the charts. Perhaps you should question if people with so little compassion and humanity should have firearms at all.


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