Trump hosts campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio

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President Trump heads to Cincinnati to rally crowds for his 2020 re-election campaign as the crowded Democratic field wraps its second round of primary debates. #FoxNewsLive #FoxNews

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Comment (37)

  1. Teflon reprising his American Carnage inauguration speech. But he has been in for almost three years and what has changed? Health care? No. Immigration? No. Income? No for most people, Yes for the mega wealthy. Schools? No — incompetent Betsy whatsit doesn't have a clue about education basics. Roar on crowd as your con man demagogue utters falsehoods with every breath. The American Empire's last gasp.
    Check out Chris Hedges — he tells it how it is. And in between, the ads show Yemeni children who have been severely injured by the bombs of America's bestie, Saudi Arabia, with American complicity. Respect? Think not.

  2. Bare-faced fibs from Teflon whose Foundation was found to be a fraudulent body and ordered to shut down. It was funnelling money to the Teflon Crime Family. Teflon is not a Republican, he is a grasping individualist con man and America has fallen for his trickery like Italy did for Berlusconi. Sad. Much destruction will be left in his path for the next people to clean up. Crowds love a hero, love to roar, for the momentary thrill of belonging and hating other groups. Delusional tribalism.

  3. What LOYAL American wouldn’t like to break Trump’s jaw? Unfortunately there are many in the South who aren’t loyal as we know from history.

  4. Just tell these brainwashed indoctrinated tools what they want to hear, and you have their vote. Keep them dreaming !!!! They may wake up someday.

  5. As we watch his rallies you really have to see why he is love and respected. He talks to us not at us you have to feel like he is one of us. He always makes me feel like he is the same as we are. He is honest and always works hard to keep his promises. As he talks he uses words like we will make America great again. Which reminds me how Reagan brought back the glory to the house on the hill. Then the Democrats fought hard stop Reagan from completing his word. Now the Democrats fight 24/7 to stop Trump from making the USA great again. They even want a recession to try to take away all the good Trump has done. Why should the rich or those in Congress care only the poor and lower middle will take the fall

  6. A True Fan knows. And A True Fan Sees.. Two. Speacial People. Lady white jacket. Red Trump. Cap. Has Light. Blue. Shirt. Dark Blue. Trump. Cap. Trump's Buddy lookingreally Great. Viva La America. Trump will perservier. Has biggest. Turn outs. Than ever Before. Because Trump's. Way. Works people. Have Better. Pay. And jobs All Over. America. Good jJobs. Hope this Sick Person Has Recovered. Family Bless them God Be With .

  7. How and why the tune you can't always get what you want was played after a great speech.Responsible tit who did that needs a backhand(ok sternly talked at, phht….lol!)

  8. Father, forgive them for they do not believe in you. God chose Trump because he is a believer. TRUMP 2020!!!
    I was a DEMOMRAT now a TRUMP supporter.

  9. Imagine Trump in the same debate as Andrew Yang. Yang has an acute understanding of what the looming fourth industrial revolution has to say for the citizen

  10. In Adelaide South Australia we have soo much Cal mining, the government is selling it to other countries, we are paying the highest electricity prices in the Australia.

  11. It's Lima (Leema) in Peru. Lima in Spanish, is Lime. (the fruit) We say Lyma here in USA. I know….I've been to Leema, Peru AND Lyma, Ohio!
    Trump 2020! Jr. 2024! President Trump: DO NOT RENEGE ON THE 2ND AMENDMENT!

  12. Trump's media manipulators have decided that without a wall of people behind him looking like supporters, Trump would appear to be the lonely loser that he truely is. My challenge—Do your next rally without anyone behind you.

  13. Love from SA, if I can achieve a quarter of what you achieved in life, I would be done in life for generations. No one gets to do what you have done by being stupid don't listen to CNN and friends!!!

  14. a graduate degree in each state (I know, having a graduate degree doesn’t mean you are an intellectual, and not having one doesn’t mean you aren’t …. but I don’t think there’s good data on more reasonable definitions.

    So, the states with the highest proportion of graduate degree holders[1]are:

    New York

    The lowest are:

    50. West Virginia
    49. Arkansas
    48. North Dakota
    47. Louisiana
    46 Mississippi

    Of the southern states:

    Alabama ranks 38th
    Arkansas 49th
    Florida 29th
    Georgia 20th
    Louisiana 46th
    Mississippi 46th (tie)
    North Carolina 28th
    South Carolina 35th


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