Shadowfall is Intense! — Apex Legends Halloween Event

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Giving a go at the Shadowfall Apex Halloween event.

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Music used is courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) — Loving Caliber

Settings and Equipment:

#Apex #ApexLegends

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Comment (39)

  1. “Same thing with the peace keeper too right? They get close, one shot that’s all it takes” -Aculite

    Me: hits them from 5-10 feet away… 11 damage.

  2. You actually don't need much items to win the Shadowfall. I won many times with just a white armor, some nades, ammos and the first 2 guns that I found. I even won without using any item at all, just my tactical and ult.

  3. shadow fall now sucks, everyone wants to work together right from the start, all the shadows that died just leaves the game. ten million watsons and one wraith, oh well guess shadows lose again. Why don't you give yourself a challenge, try to win as a shadow instead.

  4. You can get killed on the ship, saw one get killed in front of me on the ship and when knew it was possible i kept trying to get in the ship and one day i made it through as a shadow from one side to the other through the ship but couldnt hit someone it was hard but yes it's 100% possible

  5. The auto shotgun + flatline are an incredible combo. Dropped 25 kills yesterday in a 17 man lobby just sitting in bunker lol, it’s fine without double tap as well in shadowfall


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