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Brutalweather has fulfilled my dream!
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Comment (8)

  1. (1:18) Oh, bother.

    The only missed opportunity in this short is, Brutal Weather didn’t include a Wilhelm Scream (which has been used on a recurring basis on the early seasons of the show).

  2. I liked Screwball popping into the shot just before the castle was destroyed.

    It was like she was saying, "well, Daddy ain't here to watch the Chaos, but I am"

  3. BrutalWeather did an outstanding job. This was so much fun and he put so many references to the fandom in it, like Button Mash, Screwball, Derpy, Lyra and Bon Bon, Doctor Whooves with Rose and all i missed.
    I wish talented people like him, JanAnimations, ForgaLorga/AgrolChannel and others would do a season 10 with all the stuff we missed in S9.


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